3 DECK by Crazy Jokers and Adrian Vega


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  • On first glance, this could looks like a weird concept, or a weird gimmick, but wait until you see the powerful bunch of routines Adrian Vega has created.
You show 2 different decks, that are shuffled, and the magician take one of them freely, the spectator calls out for any card, and the selection and everything matches. Until here, everything looks amazing, but maybe classic, now is when you make all the cards from your deck disappear, showing that your prediction, the card that they freely ask for, was the only real card on your hands from the beginning. Two powerful, easy, and unforgettable effects, always ready at your hands, to blow minds.

In this main routine, Adrian Vega will share a lot of ideas, psychology and tips that you can use in your actual card magic repertoire, but also...

You will learn two more different and powerful routines, and a lot of ideas to use it in different shows. Imagine using this in corporate gigs, and introduce the logo or products of the company that has hired you, maybe your business card, everything that can fit inside of it... these are just some of the many possibilities!

You will find your favorite one in the complete tutorial, or you can create your own. Make sure you play with this new and fun gimmick, and once you use in front of your audience, you won't be able to stop performing it.

    • All necessary gimmicks for the routines are included and ready to go out of the box.
    • 3 different powerful routines explained by Adrian Vega with different levels of skill.
    • Use it as a complete routine or just as a quick and visual moment for Social Media, Live Shows, Corporate Gigs, etc...

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