30 Tricks with Thumb Tip
30 Tricks with Thumb Tip

30 Tricks with Thumb Tip

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  • Eddy Ray's teaching will take you step by step into the world of thumbtip magic. Add over 30 Tricks & Tips to your arsenal!

Performance and instruction with Eddy Ray. The thumbtip is one of the most effective props in magic you can own.  

This magician's prop can be used for vanishing, producing, or switching small objects. The classic effect is to have a silk handkerchief or other small object pressed into the top your fist. After pushing it well in with your fingers of your other hand, the hand with the handkerchief is opened to show it has disappeared. Alternatively, liquid, salt or other small objects can be made to disappear in a similar manner.

Comes with Thumb Tip, small handkerchief and DVD instructions. 

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