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  • Ask your spectator to place 3 objects on 3 randomly chosen cards, and when you flip over their selections; everything matches perfectly.
Beautifully simple, yet powerful magic doesn't happen very often, but it
Ultimately comes down to creating a powerful fusion between the method and effect.
You know a good trick, not when you see one, but when you experience it.

This is the first trick, in a long time, where every magician who's seen it, instantly wanted it.
Honestly, it is one of the simplest and cleanest effects to perform.
It's impossible to back track and easy to do.
Subliminal messaging doesn't work on everyone, but now you have the power.

*Wondering why you instantly have the urge to hit the buy button? Read the first letter of every sentence above...

...Welcome to ADSENSE, where you influence people for harmless entertainment.

  • Incredibly easy to do
  • Nothing to bring in and out of play
  • Virtually self-working, barely an inconvenience.
  • It will fool you even if you are familiar with the principles involved.
  • They can change their minds on where to place items
  • Extremely entertaining
  • Multiple handlings taught in the instruction
  • Effect can be instantly repeated with different items
Cleverly created buy Nahuel Olivera and El Gran Bronzini...this is ADSENSE.

5 Stars
At first you will like the effect, but then you'll LOVE the method!
Reviewed by:  on 1/3/2021

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