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  • Bolted allows you to take a randomly signed card, make it disappear, and with no hesitation pull out a locked case with that very same signed card inside.
Having a card appear in an impossible location is a staple in magic. The problem that every magician struggles with, is if the object is signed then the location can't be "impossible." But if the location is truly impossible, then the object can't be signed. Now there's a solution...Bolted!

Bolted contains multiple routines geared towards every skill level. Whether you're a complete beginner or seasoned professional, perform the routine that works best for you. This is the perfect way to finish any signed card routine, and the best part? You can hand it out immediately afterward, so there is no doubt their signed card is Bolted inside.

  • No forcing
  • No duplicates
  • Use it with cards, business cards and predictions
  • Includes a sleight-free handling for absolute beginners
There are many different ways to reveal Bolted, including from a pouch, a tuck case, and even your back pocket. Shatter the limits of what's possible and leave your spectator's with a miracle that they can't explain, with Jared Manley's Bolted.

4 Stars
Awesome effect ! I suggest to buy two bolted.One for practice and one for performances.Get to know what you can do with it and how you can do it.After that you'll be like : Wow.Just the fact to pretend that you've put the card between glass and's the main thing here really cool as it for me.4 stars just because it is brittle.You're sure have to be really carefull not to break it like i already did..Like i said do it break it..just buy another one and keep it for when you will have more experience.
Reviewed by:  on 10/14/2020

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