Close-up Cardiographic
Close-up Cardiographic

Close-up Cardiographic

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  • The classic sketchpad Rising Card, now to suit your close-up performance. It can be done completely surrounded, is self contained with a quick reset for strolling.
With Close-up Cardiographic, Martin Lewis has taken his classic sketchpad Rising Card to the next level. The effect is the same as Cardiographic, but built for close-up performances; a drawing of a selected card rises from a drawing of a deck of cards. The resulting impossible object is handed out as a souvenir. 

    • The brand new super-clean method is self-contained and angle-proof. 
    • The audience sees you draw on the pad prior to the card rising. 
    • Fast reset for restaurant or strolling. 
    • Includes 50 giveaway pages. 
    • Built to last.

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