Coin in Bottle / Coin Bite - Loonie
Coin in Bottle / Coin Bite - Loonie

Coin in Bottle / Coin Bite - Loonie

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  • Two completely different routines can be done with this amazing Canadian coin...Coin in Bottle and Coin Bite.
Coin in Bottle: A Canadian One Dollar Coin (Loonie) is borrowed and shown to not fit through the top of an examinable bottle. The magician instead pushes the coin through the side of the bottle, leaving the glass and coin intact. The coin can be seen and heard rattling inside the bottle, yet now unable to come out through the top. The magician is then able to magically remove the coin from the bottle and everything can be examined. 

Coin Bite Magic Trick: A coin borrowed from a spectator and a piece is bitten right out of it...that's right the magician "bites" the coin. The coin is shown in full view with the piece missing. The Magician then draws attention to the bitten coin and spits the missing piece back at the coin. Instantly, the coin is restored to its original state. The borrowed coin is then handed back to the spectator for examination.


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