Coin to Wallet
Coin to Wallet

Coin to Wallet

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  • A signed coin disappears from the magician's hand and reappears in their wallet, inside a fully closed jewelry bag!
Would you like to perform a powerful, direct and amazing effect? Well, now you can -- with COIN TO WALLET

A borrowed coin is signed by your spectator and from your hand, it vanishes. Cleanly you then remove your wallet only to find a bag, with their signed coin inside. The vanish can be done in any way that fits your style. It resets in seconds and the object can be given as a souvenir. Use your favorite wallet with no modifications. No switches necessary and can be done completely surrounded. 

It's that simple and effective. Pure magic! 

  • The signed coin is totally normal 
  • There aren't duplicate coins 
  • It can be done with any object (coin, ring, earring, etc.)
  • The disappearance is totally clean
  • The participant can open the jewelry bag and find the coin
  • Ideal for close-up or larger settings
  • Resets in seconds 
  • Specially designed accessories for this effect
  • Different routines to present it
  • Online instructions (English/Spanish)
NOTE: Does not include wallet, since any wallet can be used! 

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