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  • Artifex proudly presents the absolute best credit card routine's a 21st century miracle in your wallet.
Coming from the ingenious mind of Nazar Kayumov, a modern-day miracle that's been carefully worked on and perfected over a course of a few years. We bring you an astonishing routine using one of the most familiar 21 century objects that is incredibly practical, fits right in your wallet, very easy to perform, building onto our philosophy of magic that should be strong, minimalistic and direct.

With CREDiTKA, everything happens in the spectators hands - you start with a devastatingly direct ACAAN (Any Card At Any Number) effect; after a card is chosen and a random digit from the credit card number is picked, the card is located at the chosen number in a shuffled deck.

Then the kicker - an unbelievable transformation that seemingly takes place in-between their hands! They look back at the credit card but the digits are no longer there..instead, they see the prediction that's IMPRINTED where the numbers were a minute ago.

You will perform this...we're giving you the power to wow, so use it wisely.

Classy modern effect.
Resets instantly.
Easy to do.
Direct and practical.
it'll get you gigs.
The best credit card routine on the market.
Killer reactions.

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