Deal or Not Deal
Deal or Not Deal

Deal or Not Deal

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  • DEAL OR NOT DEAL will surprise your audience every time, it's a perfect close-up routine with multiple twists and turns!

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Take a deck of cards from your pocket and take the cards from the case. You now propose a little game to your spectator! Explain that you have a prediction card in your pocket and that this prediction will match the card you will choose from the deck on the table! You are so sure of this that you offer your spectator the banknote (any currency, any denomination) if you are wrong! Interesting, isn't it?

The spectator immediately accepts this DEAL because he has nothing to lose! 

Take the deck in hand and deal the cards face down on the table one by one face down...invite your spectator to say stop whenever they like, NO FORCE! Then, take the banknote, and place it on the freely selected card. Everything is CLEAN and therefore no manipulation is possible!

Will your spectator win the money? Will your prediction be correct? 

Then take the prediction card out of your pocket (or inside empty card box) and show it to everyone. Let's say it's the 10 of hearts. Slowly take the card that is under the banknote and turn it over...amazingly, it's also the 10 of hearts! That's the first effect!

Your spectators are wondering if have several predictions in your pocket...but, reassure them by that you were so sure that the spectator would on the 10 of hearts, that you had marked it on the back of the banknote! The spectator can turn over the banknote themselves...written on it in black marker is the 10 of hearts! That's the 2nd effect! 

This time your spectators wonder if your deck is made up of only of 10's of hearts. That's the only possible explanation! 

Look at them and tell them that indeed, the deck is composed of identical cards...but they are all blank! IMPOSSIBLE you say! You then take the whole deck and show each card one by one...BLANK...BLANK...BLANK AND MORE BLANKS...the whole deck is composed of NOTHING BUT BLANK cards! Only one card is printed, the 10 OF HEARTS! The card chosen by your spectator! That's is the 3rd effect! 

THE DEAL has been incredible for your spectator and now proudly take back you banknote because you had known everything right from the beginning!

Remember the strong points:

  • Only one prediction card!
  • The prediction can be different every time!
  • No manipulation...NO FORCES!
  • The banknote is ORDINARY! Nothing to hide!
  • Use any banknote...Canadian, USA, UK, etc (the gimmick is not in the money)!
  • Reset in 5 seconds!
You can hand them the blank cards, they are simply blank cards!

The gimmick takes care of everything for you...100%. 

Comes complete with deck, gimmick and online video instructions in English/French.

5 Stars
Absolutely a KILLER effect that blows peoples minds. And it's easy to do. I highly recommend this effect if your looking for a routine that produces 3 amazing outcomes in the performance. Get it!!
Reviewed by:  on 7/5/2020

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