Double Sided Loonie
Double Sided Loonie

Double Sided Loonie

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  • The title pretty much says it all, will win bets 100% of the time.
When it comes to precision coin shells, these are finest quality...crafted by Roy Kueppers! It also comes with the instructions for the "None of Three" magic trick as well.  

Here's how it and another person each throw a set amount of money into a pot. The other person shakes 3 coins together in their fist. Asked to pick heads or tails, they pick heads. The coins are then thrown on the table. If three heads show up, they win; if three tails shows up, you win. If there is a mix of heads and tails, nobody wins and each party again throws more money into the pot. This back and forth continues until somebody wins. 

The Outcome:? You win 100% of the time!!!

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