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  • Introducing ELIXIR, a masterfully crafted routine from the mind of Lyndon Jugalbot that was precisely designed to promise great reactions every single time.

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ELIXIR kickstarts Skymember Presents very first "Worker Series." Created by their in-house artist Lyndon Jugalbot, well known for his worker effect "Unwritten."

The restore is highly visual, and your spectator can feel and does the magic. Words cannot describe how magical ELIXIR is. You need to check out the trailer.

  • Sure-fire method.
  • The gimmick is almost self-working.
  • Easy to do.
  • Practical handlings; suitable for every level magician.
  • Fully examinable.
  • Quick reset.
  • Extra materials included to repair & construct a new gimmick.
You are not only purchasing a trick but a result of 10 years of hard work. You will receive 1 high-quality pre-made gimmick that housed in a beautiful case and taught by Zach Ng.

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