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  • One of the most original ring illusions where you make a ring disappear and then reappear in an extremely unlikely location!
You can clearly make a spectator's ring disappear and then make it reappear inside a box drawn on a FLIP BOOK!

The best part of it is, the spectator shakes the box, hears the ring moving inside until the last moment, and finally takes it out themselves from the FLIP BOOK.
  • It fits in a pocket
  • No duplicates are used and there are no ring changes
  • The spectator holds the box and hears the ring inside until the last moment
  • The disappearance is totally clean
  • There are no strange movements
  • The spectator takes his ring themselves at the end
  • It's very easy to do
  • You do not need any extra elements for the disappearance or reappearance
  • Automatically resets when finished
You will receive the FLIP BOOK and its container box to transport it. You use the box for the disappearance, and the FLIP BOOK to tell the story to make the ring reappear.