Ink on The Deck
Ink on The Deck

Ink on The Deck

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  • Ink on The Deck is an original, very easy to do and super visual magical effect that resets in five seconds flat.
Ink on The Deck: imagine that a spectator freely chooses two cards from a deck, now the magician takes some "invisible" ink from a marker and when passing his fingers over the edge of the deck of cards, the name of one of the chosen cards magically appears written, the "Ace of Clubs"!.

Now the magician makes a riffle with the deck of cards, and the card that is written on the edge of the deck (the Ace of Hearts) is magically and visually transformed into the second chosen card the "Six of Clubs", and immediately the magician can show the deck of cards as a normal deck of cards! Leaving everything clean at the end of the trick.

Note: Bicycle Deck required, but not included - sold separately here

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