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  • Pull a thought-of card right off a picture on someone's phone screen - looks absolutely unbelievable, but it really happens!
A Card From Phone like no other. For the first time ever, you'll be able to pull a thought-of card from Instagram without ANY special apps, leaving the picture altered forever. That's just the start of what is possible with the InstaGrab utility device. You'll learn multiple variations and principles, but in the end, your imagination is the limit! It works with both IOS and Android. It will also make your old mystery card tricks fun to perform again. Oh, did we mention all of this is done on the spectator's borrowed phone? 

What you receive: 

    • InstaGrab gimmick (Red Bicycle Back) 
    • 40+ minutes of HD online instructional video 
    • 3 variations taught for both iPhone and Android 
    • Card from lock screen variation included  
5 Stars
This is incredible. This is extremely easy to learn. The packaging is very nice, you get an envelope with everything you need inside. The files are provided over the download. The instructions are clear and detailed, you get 40 minutes of instruction. The best part about this is IT ISN'T LIMITED TO A CARD TO PHONE, this is a great utility device. The reactions you get with this are priceless.
Reviewed by:  on 2/24/2019

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