Knockout Deck
Knockout Deck

Knockout Deck

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  • Baffle your audiences with this incredible sneak a peek card trick that keeps on surprising.
The Knockout Deck also known as The Magic Deception Deck

Start with the deck of cards spread with blue backs shown. Then spread the deck face up so all the cards are shown to be different. A spectator then selects a card and magically that card jumps to the top of the deck. 

Even more amazing than that, the entire deck is then spread to show that ALL the cards have become the spectator’s card. 

The magic doesn't stop there...the cards are then spread face down again to reveal they now all have red backs.

Includes gimmick deck and instructions.

4 Stars
With practice and a good surface this is great! Practice practice!
Reviewed by:  on 8/28/2019

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