Level One
Level One

Level One

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  • Sold out at Blackpool 2019...progressively vanish ANY deck of cards.
Level One by Christian Grace is a gimmick that allows you to progressively vanish ANY deck of cards. This completely sold out at Blackpool 2019 and has not been available since. 

Holding a deck of cards, you give a gentle shake, and half of the deck seems to melt into thin air. With another shake, the rest of the deck vanishes, leaving you with just one card: the spectator's selection! 

The last card can immediately be handed out for examination. There is nothing to find; it's a normal playing card. 

Consider these points:
    • You end clean. The last card can be fully examined.
    • It's easy to do. It will take just a short time to learn how to use the gimmick.
    • There are no angle restrictions. You can perform Level One surrounded.
    • The last card is completely examinable.
    • There are no flaps, threads or magnets. You receive a solid-state gimmick that will never break.
Package includes Level One gimmick and online instructions. 

Note: Bicycle Deck not included - sold separately here

4 Stars
A really ingenious addition to my card magic. It is quite knacky and takes a lot of practice, but is undetectable once you get it down.
Reviewed by:  on 5/4/2020

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