Locking Deck
Locking Deck

Locking Deck

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  • You have seen cards rise before...but have you ever seen a deck unlock?

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The Locking Deck unlocks a creative new approach to entertaining with card magic. Imagine having a card freely selected and shuffled into the deck. Then, out of nowhere, a lock face appears on top of the cards! The magician explains that he will dial a three-number combination consisting of the number, the suit, and the location of the card in the deck. After dialing this combination, the magician or the spectator lifts the lock face and the deck is magically cut to the selection. Afterwards, the deck is spread and shown front and back to be completely normal.

  • Perfect for walk-around and stage magic!
  • Absolutely no reset!
  • Super easy to perform!
  • Easily customized for any performance situation!
  • The combination can be someone's birthday, phone number, age, use your imagination!

5 Stars
Worked great.
Reviewed by:  on 5/13/2020
5 Stars
After watching the online tutorial, I had no problem using the gimmick and performing the trick. You don't require any special skills and no assembly is required. I would recommend the Locking Deck for someone who is just starting to learn magic.
Reviewed by:  on 12/8/2019

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