Magic Stick

Magic Stick

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  • Amazing & Easy to Learn! Magically change the stick into the spectator's selected colour! Includes magic stick, printed directions and online instructions.

Amazing magic that you can carry in your pocket! Show a rod with six different coloured sections. Let your spectator choose one of the colours. Instantly, you change the rod to a solid colour...the selected colour! Also works well with our Magic Colouring Book.

Performance Idea: Show the colouring book pages (the black outlined pictures). Then change all of the colours on the rod to one colour. Where did all the other the colours on the rod go? Show the colouring book now with the pages coloured in. That's where the colours went! Then have your spectators pretend to pull the colours out of the book and show that the colouring book pages are now blank. Use your Magic Stick as a "magic wand", waving the rod over the book, and show the colouring book pages now back to the coloured pictures again.

5 Stars
Great little introductory magic trick to learn sleight of hand. Bonus is that it’s small enough to work as a fidget toy. Customer service was excellent, promptly responding to my inquiries *thumbs up*
Reviewed by:  on 12/17/2018

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