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  • Punch 4 holes into the corners of a playing card, then visually move the holes around the card and back again!

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Forget everything you've ever seen! Forget all the classic methods you've ever seen! MATRIX-ART uses a totally new and incredible method and construction! We can guarantee that the mechanism used is DIABOLICAL! You will go nuts when you see this gimmick, NEVER before seen in magic! Each gimmick is handmade and requires several hours of work. The result is simply amazing. Visual magic at its very best!

Imagine the following effect:

A spectator is invited to choose a card from your deck. Take a hole punch out of your pocket, take the spectator's card in one hand and the punch in the other. Make a hole in each corner of the card! No optical or other illusions, you now hold a card with four holes that are clearly visible and real!

Let the show begin...
Show one, two, three, and four holes. Slowly bring your fingers to the first hole, and move it as if nothing had happened! Yes, you read that right! You move the first hole over next to the second hole! Continue the show and move the next hole, your spectators won't believe their eyes! How do you move real holes? It's just impossible! 

The last hole is even more unbelievable! Bring two fingers toward this final hole, and pull it right off the card. Yes, the last hole is no longer on the card but between your fingers! Your spectators won't believe it... Throw the hole you are holding in your hand towards the other 3 on the full view, the hole re-materializes next to the others! It's mind blowing, yet true, NO BLACK ART or anything comparable.

The card is still held between your two fingers! Show it very close...your spectators will be able to see that the holes are very real and that they are all now grouped in the same corner! Explain to your spectators that to put a hole back in each corner you just have to snap your fingers! Watch carefully...snap your fingers, and in full view, in full light, right in front of your spectators' eyes, the holes instantly jump and return to their initial positions!

This moment is absolutely exceptional and purely magical! Visual magic just a few inches from the eyes of your spectators. But the show doesn't stop there...this time, you remove the holes one by one from the card! It's completely crazy and impossible! Throw them all together in a corner of the card...the holes materialize in the same corner, right in front of your spectators. There seem to be no limits to your ability to move matter! Believe it or not, the holes are still very real!

To finish, move them again, one by one to put them back as they were at the beginning, one in each corner, and give the card to your spectators so that they can examine it. 
This is indeed the card chosen at the beginning, this one now has 4 holes that the spectator will never be able to move.

Keep the following in mind:
  • The MATRIX-ART card is a marvel of manufacturing, a true work of art, we guarantee it!
  • No Flap! The card is made to withstand professional and intensive use.
  • No manipulation. The routine is extremely easy to master, and moving the holes is automatic, entirely under your control!
  • No optical illusion! These are real holes, at each step or move, you can pass your hand behind to show that there is no illusion or Black Art.
  • The gimmick card can be shown very, very closely, there is absolutely nothing to see.
  • Reset is immediate.

5 Stars
Great visual card effect. Easy to always carry with you!
Reviewed by:  on 7/28/2020

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