Memento Mori - Genesis
Memento Mori - Genesis

Memento Mori - Genesis

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  • With humble beginnings as a challenge to re-create the brand using only 3D software, this redesign takes the low poly skull into a fully rendered 3D masterpiece.
Memento Mori - Genesis is Adrian Valenzuela's reimagining of the widely celebrated low poly design. 

Stemming from the medieval Latin theory and practice of reflection on mortality, it has been a ubiquitous part of human culture for centuries. From the philosophical to the artistic, the fascination, fear and appreciation of death has consistently captivated and cultivated our imagination. Many practitioners of this theory kept with them, artifacts or keepsakes which served as a reminder that the only thing certain in life, was death. Many of these items were often objects (watches, necklaces) in the shape of skulls.

While in earlier iterations the poly's were drawn with their own unique color, this recreation uses a collection of glass polys and painted with a photorealistic light source to create the broad spectrum of colors that makes the Memento Mori series unique. It is the next iteration of modern design that will be remembered by the ages. Never forget your own humble beginnings. Memento Mori - Genesis

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