Memento Mori - Svengali Deck
Memento Mori - Svengali Deck

Memento Mori - Svengali Deck

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  • The #1 selling custom playing cards, Memento Mori, is now available as a Svengali Deck!
Incredibly EASY TO DO - but oh so powerful, the Memento Mori Svengali Deck will allow you to perform magic that has been on national TV... but with your own unique style.

This deck allows you to do a countless number of effects including being able to show that all of the cards in the deck are different, and then a moment later changing every card in the deck to the same card. Best of all, it's easy to use and even a beginner can start performing with it after just a few minutes of practice.

Astound everyone with the Memento Mori Svengali Deck.

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