Memo Card
Memo Card

Memo Card

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  • Manipulating ink drawings on a card is a staple in magic, but this is unlike anything you have seen before.

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From the mind of Sultan Orazaly, we are proud to introduce you to "Memo Card".

  • Self-Folding Origami! Our favourite so far!
  • Ink drawing to real life.
  • Ink Manipulation.
  • Color Changing Memo.
  • Torn or Restore.
  • Prediction.
With this purchase you will receive 1 pre-made gimmick that is housed in beautiful packaging and online instructions. In the tutorial, Zach Ng will teach you how to perform in stand-up and on-the-table environments. The gimmick is easy to operate and ready for any close-up, parlour or social media performance.

Grab your Memo Card today and start showcasing your ideas! 

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