Nyx Reds
Nyx Reds

Nyx Reds

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  • Nyx Reds are a cardist's dream. These cards are sleek, modern and make a statement when performing card sleights and flourishes.
Nyx Reds have a geometric back design that makes these cards very unique. Composed of equilateral triangles, to add more flare to your spins and aerials. These triangles are strategically placed to spin around the centre of the card, and therefore around the centre of the card's rotation to create a highly pronounced effect. 

The faces are sleek and modern looking, accenting the same shade of red as the back design. All the pips are triangular which will add to your flourishes and sleights, with the court cards also made in the same geometrical theme. These cards are simple and minimal to catch eyes without overwhelming the audience. 

Nyx Reds are printed by the United States Playing Card Company, using their renowned Air-Cushion finish. This guarantees outstanding handling, so you can perform with total comfort. They also have a thin card stock that stays snappy, giving you complete control over your cards. 

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