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Pick Me

Pick Me

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  • 'Impossible', is what your audience will say after seeing this effect. 'Unbelievable', is what you will say when you know the secret!

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PICK-ME is simply the most incredible thing I've been able to come up with for a long time".
Mickael Chatelain

The video is shot in real-time with no camera tricks. It seems completely impossible...yet, it happens right before everyone's eyes in less than 2 seconds. 

  • There is no forcing!
  • The card is signed by the spectator themselves! No change or switch!
  • No manipulation! It seems incredibly difficult to do and yet the trick works AUTOMATICALLY!
  • The case is really sealed by a sticker signed by the spectator, everything is clean!
  • Your hand goes into your pocket and comes out immediately with the spectator's card! It's crazy but true!
  • The reset is immediate! No preparation!
  • The gimmick is diabolical! It's beautiful and completely invisible. The method will drive you crazy! 
  • Use your own ordinary deck of cards...that's right it's an ordinary deck that can even be examined!
Note: Bicycle Deck not included - sold separately here

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