Kinetic PK Ring (Silver)
Kinetic PK Ring (Silver)

Kinetic PK Ring (Silver)

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  • The Kinetic Ring should be a cornerstone of any magician's toolbox as it allows you to have a universe of magic, all in one self-contained ring.
The Kinetic Ring is a staple in magic that has now reached a next level of evolution & engineering. Constructed from an original, single neodymium rare-earth magnet, and expertly disguised as a sleek comfort-fit band. Turn a fashion statement into a devastatingly effective magic device that you have ready, anytime. No one knows you have an arsenal of magic right on your finger. Hide your secret in plain sight. 


  • 25% More attraction power. 
  • More shatter resistant. 
  • Comes in three colors: Black, silver & gold. 
  • Eight proven tricks & routines. 
  • Shipped in a complimentary storage & gift box. 
  • Troubleshooting, care, & maintenance. 
To get you started, we have included some great tricks that work anywhere, anytime: 

  • Spin a regular writing pen 
  • Change coins 
  • Make a deck of cards move by itself 
  • Push a quarter right into the wall of a bottle of water 
  • Magically spin spoons, knives and forks 
  • Melt a coin through a table 
  • Stop time with your mind 
  • Make coins disappear, reappear ... and much more!
IMPORTANT: Ensure you know your ring size before ordering, postage on exchanges are the responsibility of the customer.

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