Pocket Collector

Pocket Collector

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  • Three cards are selected and signed by your spectators. They then disappear one after the other in your hands before reappearing in your pocket!
The special cards do all the work for you! This is the kind of effect sought by many magicians. Until now, it required years of experience and manipulation to achieve such a result. Pocket Collector is much simpler -- you only have to focus on the presentation of this diabolical routine. 

The signed cards can be handed out for examination, and even as a souvenir so that your audience will remember forever what happened! 

Great advantages of this effect: 

    • The signed cards are shown until the last moment 
    • Really visual and powerful 
    • Leave the signed cards as a souvenir 
    • Easy to do -- the cards do all the work for you 
    • Online instructional video in English
Note: Red Bicycle Deck not included - sold separately here

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