PORTAL by Peter Eggink


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  • We all are familiar with the 'Acme Black Hole' featured in cartoon classics - PORTAL is a close-up illusion that mimics that effect on a playing card.
PORTAL is a clever, new gimmick & handling makes this one a real fooler and yet VERY easy to do.

A card is selected and a black circular sticker is stuck on back of the card, explaining that this is in fact a "portal" to another dimension...all of a sudden the black dot becomes a REAL hole, right through the card. The real hole is then magically slid off the card, showing it is just a black circular sticker, leaving the card back to its original condition again.

PORTAL works great live and perfect for social media platforms, Tik Tok, Instagram, Zoom, etc.

Comes with ready to go with a hand-build Portal gimmick, 2 black circular stickers, and online instructions.

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