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  • This is the perfect prediction card's so easy to do, and you will love the reactions you get from it!
You show a deck of blue-backed cards to have one red-backed card sitting in it, stating it is a prediction of things to come.

You pull out the red back card a little to show the words, "You Will Roll".

The red-back card is pushed back into the deck and the deck is cut.

You hand your spectator three normal dice and ask them to roll the dice a few times until they are happy with the outcome (note: they may also roll imaginary dice in their mind).

Whatever number they land on, you count down from the top of the deck, placing each card face up on the table as you go. The card at their chosen number is placed face down.

You now locate your prediction card in the deck and slowly reveal that not only have you predicted what number they would roll, but also the card they landed on!

Roll is super easy to do and comes with a special deck and full video instructions.

Points to remember:
    • Works in any language
    • No duplicate cards
    • No long and short
    • No rough and smooth
    • No forces
    • Different numbers may be chosen
    • Different cards will be chosen
    • Instant reset
    • No memory work
    • May be performed on 1-3 spectators
    • Totally self-working!
    • Use with or without dice

5 Stars
I like this trick ! It is easy to reset and my thoughts on the debut of the trick is this : just show that a card is from a different color for the spectator to doesnt analyse your writing..You'll understand if you purchase it !I did'nt thought of that way to do it at all.Its simple and effective.
Reviewed by:  on 10/9/2020

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