Secrets of Levitation Kit
Secrets of Levitation Kit

Secrets of Levitation Kit

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  • Learn to levitate, animate and move objects seemingly by sheer willpower. These are effects you can do anytime, anyplace- and really leave your audience stunned!
Secrets of Levitation Kit formerly called the Secrets with Invisible Thread Kit.

Make everyday objects levitate, spin, and dance (gravity is optional)...the kit includes invisible thread, magician’s wax, and a detailed online instructions. It's easier to learn when you actually see the tricks done and explained by a professional magician! You'll learn and master these amazing effects with this kit; 

  • Rising Card - Magically cause a spectator’s card to rise right out of the deck. 
  • Floating Bill - Cause any dollar bill from a spectator to levitate moving your hands around it. 
  • Spinning Card - Spectator’s will be shocked when you make a card spin through your hands and around your body. 
  • Corked - Effortlessly levitate a cork from the top of a bottle to the palm of your hand. 
  • Rising Pen - Control a pen from any container to your hand without even touching it. 
  • Crazy Ring - Make a ring rise, float, and spin in mid air. 
  • Invisible Bridge - Cause objects to float above what seems to be an invisible bridge above a single card. 
  • Flying Bottle Cap - Amaze everyone when you make a bottle cap spin like a flying saucer. 
  • The Haunted Deck - Without even touching the deck, mysteriously cut a pack of cards in half, and watch as only one card swings out.

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