Selfie Catch
Selfie Catch

Selfie Catch

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  • A less expensive and more organic version of the Sword Through Card effect...think about it, who walks around with a sword nowadays to find a selected card?
Selfie Catch created by Gustavo Raley is a completely new method for finding a signed card.

Selfie sticks are daily elements for everyone, which is the reason this magic effect it is even more amazing.

Take a picture with any spectator after freely choosing and signing a playing card. Ask the spectator to lose the card in the deck and shuffle it.

Right after that, take away your phone from the device. Toss the deck to the air and catch the selected card with the top of the stick!

Easy to do and ideal for any kind of show, from street magic to close-up to stage performances.

Selfie Catch comes complete with special selfie stick and instructions.

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