Split Coins - Toonie
Split Coins - Toonie

Split Coins - Toonie

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  • Canadian Toonie version of the Split Coins also known as Transient Coins.
Roy Kueppers makes these triple split coins as thin as possible and use the worlds thinnest (yet strongest) magnets available. He also adds Teflon to allow for extremely smooth action when sliding the coins together. This set includes 1 tails side and 2 heads side coins as well as a super cool routine called "Transient Coins". 

Transient Coins Effect;
A coin is plucked out of the air and shown around. A second coin is found on the sleeve of an audience member. A third coin is then found on the Magicians sleeve and brought together with the other two, but wait, one of the other coins has vanished! The Magician attempts to find the missing coin on his other sleeve when it appears at the fingertips with the other coins. The coins are shown individually and then, one at a time, the three coins are vanished to finish the sequence.

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