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  • A stage illusion that is now a close-up illusion...suspend playing cards, money or business cards.
Eric Bedard created his original suspenZ 25 years ago. During that time, he shared it with a very small handful of professional magicians who have been performing it in their act. 

Recently Vortex Magic approached Eric and together they created an updated machined gimmick that allows you to perform incredible suspensions from your hands. 

suspenZ allows for THREE amazing moments; 

1) You can spread the cards between your hands further than you normally could. 
2) You can take one hand away and the cards remain suspended. 
3) You can reach over and take out a chosen card, and then hand the deck out. 


Comes complete with special machined gimmick and download tutorial.

  • Learn how to use the gimmick
  • Learn variations on suspensions
  • Learn how to care for your gimmick &
  • Learn two bonus effects - 'Chosen Card from Suspension' and 'Blank Deck Suspension'.


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