Tool (DVD & Gimmick)
Tool (DVD & Gimmick)

Tool (DVD & Gimmick)

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  • TOOL is much more than a gimmick: It's a real tool that will allow you to perform more than 11 routines completely different and easy to do!
Imagine this...

  • Visually change the colour of the cards' back without any sleight
  • Instantly and visually restore a signed and torn card
  • Magically produce your credit card or your business card
  • Ask your spectators to shuffle the cards and instantly produce the 4 aces
  • Perform the "Substitution trunk" in close-up situation with cards
  • Show the most amazing version of the "Stabbed card" routine ever
11 professional routines, tested on real audiences that made David Stone's reputation in close-up magic! 

  • Make a signed card reappear in the card case without any suspect move
  • Visually change a coin into a banknote
  • Make visually turn over all the cards except the chosen one
  • Let a spectator touch 4 cards at random that will indicate her birth year
  • Tear the top of a card case and visually restore it
  • Make some cards vanish from your hands without any sleight 

Included: DVD + 2 gimmicks (one for training, the other for the performance)

  • Easy to do!!!
  • All the routines are completely different
  • Immediately repeatable, The RESET is ultra fast
  • No palming and no complicated techniques
  • The CARD CASES are EXAMINABLE and the GIMMICKS made for intensive use
NOTE: Bicycle Brand cards not included - sold separately here.

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