Vanishing Band
Vanishing Band

Vanishing Band

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  • Extremely Visual, Easy to Do and Versatile! Your audience won't have a clue and you don't need to wear extra rubber bands on your wrist!
There is a saying that simplicity hits the hardest. Vanishing Band is exactly that. 

You start the presentation by taking out a single rubber band and stretching it out. Without any cover, you magically vanish the rubber band into thin air. No words can describe how magical this moment really is. Once the rubber band is gone, it's entirely under your control where you want the rubber band to reappear. Both hands never come apart as the magic happens. Not to mention, it is resettable in just 1 second.

No details were compromised. Zach Ng and Calvin Liew will teach everything that you need to know to perform Vanishing Band in real life situations as well as social media platforms. You can utilize the Vanishing Band concept to perform arguably the world's first shrinking and splitting rubber band effect.

With your purchase, you'll receive 1 high-quality customized gimmick set along with several Joe's Rubber Bands to get you started in no time.

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