Weiser Wallet
Weiser Wallet

Weiser Wallet

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  • The Himber Wallet re-invented with a brand new Instant Flash feature.
Danny Weiser has taken the large-style Himber wallet and given it a fresh and new feel.

The first thing he has done is to make the wallet a size that fits in your pocket and looks like a modern hip-style wallet. There is also a 'money' clip on the front of the wallet which is handy for carrying cash, holding predictions and more.

This wallet also has a locking feature so there is no fear of the gimmick being exposed. You can cleanly show the wallet and openly perform the 'Himber' action and the wallet can be handled freely. This is an added advantage when you use this as a regular Himber Wallet.

THE MOST UNIQUE feature is the FLASH change. You can visibly change a card, money or anything that will fit in one side of the wallet to the other. This is the world's easiest way to change a one dollar note to a one hundred.

ROUTINES: We also include a few routines to get you started if you aren't familiar with the Himber Wallet and teach you how to perform the Weiser move with the wallet.

DESIGN: Each wallet has been carefully crafted, with a plastic pocket inside to place a card, money or anything you might want to change. This also keeps these items secure.

There is also space for credit cards, business cards, etc.

4 Stars
Absolutely love this wallet. Countless ideas and modifications to existing tricks. Full Disclosure....the switch in the product video is edited. The switch cannot be done exactly like the video because of that. Very dirty play. Love it, just can't do the one thing they say it can. I must say though, there are 1000 other things you can do to shock people and this wallet will get good use.
Reviewed by:  on 5/18/2021

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